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These are the days of miracle and wonder

And the whole world whispering

24 February

I have this journal:

to ramble/ to fangirl/ to procrastinate
English and history student, feminist, food and poetry aficionada, lady-loving lady.

I'm all about old things, theatre, films, the sea, reading, making music and taking photographs.

Age statement: I'm over 21.


the story of my life decisions...decisions... unlike Robert Pattinson hmpf Yey! Photos! kitties, pipes, ♥ they are good with asparagus
What would Minerva do? jupp! taste - I have it they are quiet INTP London!

Each of these icons says something about me.
They are made by the incredible jackshoegazer at iconomicon.
(except the INTP- and the WWMD?-one, those are mine.)

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